Horizontal Belt Filters

vacuum box, main belt,
edge rubber curbs, frame

Belt filters are used in all application areas or a process requiring solid liquid separation under vacuum (chemistry, food, agribusiness, mining, etc.)



Ensures the performance under vacuum

  • Materials choice: stainless steel (316L – UB6- Hastelloy – Titanium, etc.) and SVR resin
  • Manufacture calculated and designed to withstand the pressure of the vacuum.
  • Manufacturing tolerance minimized for a perfect alignment between the sections and the level of the horizontal plane in order to ensure perfect flatness with the table irons.
  • The outlet pipes as positioning at a tangent with the bottom of the vacuum seal box ensures an optimal output of the filtrates toward the collector
  • Possibility of design variant depending on your usage, injection for decristallization, etc.


Guarantee the filter performance

Mounted on a bench in our workshops in order to undergo stabilization, adjustment of the width, grooving and drilling with the tolerances.

  • Perfect stabilization and sizing in workshop
  • Depth of the grooving adapted to each production and process in order to optimize the flow of filtered liquids
  • Studies of diameters or forms of central holes allowing a perfect alignment with the vacuum seal box in order to optimize the performance of the filter and the quality of filtration
  • A unique internal design with several folds of polyester ensuring a high resistance to tearing, carcass not in the central bore area in order to avoid contact with the filtrate.
  • A choice of materials adapted to the production process, EPDM -SBR – NR – BUTTYL


  • Two choice of heights, H70 mm or H120 mm
  • Corrugations limit the vertical rupture during passage through the drum unit
  • Angle of the heel defined in order to limit the risk of the “broken vacuum” phenomenon with the filter cloth
  • Choice of material : EPDM,SBR,BUTTYL


The solution to chemical and mechanical attacks

  • Choice of materials, painted steel ,316l, UB6, Hastelloy, etc…
  • Frame of input/output all dimensions
  • Intermediate poles all dimensions
  • Adaptation of the cloth stretcher frame, equipped with air bladders in order to ensure a steady and continuous tension on the filter cloth
  • Adaptation of systems for cloth drift( or guide) with rubber-coated roller (better grip ) and pneumatic system


  • Filter cloth
  • Drive pulleys with Groove rubber coated
  • Free Drum with smooth rubber coated
  • Belt support roller
  • Cloth support roller
  • guide belt rollers
  • Vacuum seal box and manifold sleeves
  • Vacuum sliding rules box
  • Table sliding rules
  • HDPE, PPH, and PP bearings and roller bearings
  • Table endless wear belts
  • vacuum box endless wear belts
  • Belt table return rollers
  • Belt table guide rollers
  • Vacuum box return roller
  • Air jack bladder (2 or3 lobs)
  • Scraper blade
  • feeder-distributor
  • upper accessories
  • Washing ramp
  • Washing nozzles all diameters PE
  • Washing nozzles and lubrication stainless steel all diameters
  • Flexible supply hose with clamps

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