Sugar Refineries

The sector of sugar production requires a high degree of reliability in view of its operation in the field. Directly related to the agricultural sector from which it derives its raw material (sugar cane or beet), its profitability depends on the quality of crops and the smooth running of the production process. Everything takes place within a few months and each incident and unplanned stop has a negative impact on the annual yield of the sugar refinery, which is difficult to compensate for. In the course of many missions carried out on production sites in several countries, we have been able to work in close collaboration with maintenance services on specific installation recommendations.  In making changes for geometries, chemical compositions or thermal treatments, we have improved chain performance on several conveyors (bagasse conveyors, intermediate conveyors, stone traps, weeders, etc.).

We are able to offer mechanical parts for

Forged chain conveyors

Tubular chain elevators

Marine chain elevators